This is Islam…hate, violence, intolerance and deceit…NOT a « religion of peace »

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Dear Very disturbing comments from u on a very disturbing news
Dear need to tell you that individual acts should not be attributed to the whole Muslim world, there are more then a billion muslims in the world and on the basis of act of mere few individuals u blame the whole Muslim worlds, Its not rational and sane behaviour.
If you want I can count many organised criminal in human acts of christen states, killing hundreds of thousands of muslims, raping innocent muslim women, killing children, far more henious acts then those that made you give such insane comments,
Dear.. U need to learn about Islam as a religon and its teachings and you’ll realise that Islam real picture is not what u see on ur media, its quite different and believe me, most of the people who come to know the real Islam (other then that what your media presents to you) convert to Islam.
If you have any doubts in ur mind that create a negative picture of Islam in ur mind, please let me know, I’ll try to come up with answers from the teachings of Islam to you, I’ll give u the Islamic prospective on those things to you and surely u’ll witness that Islam is not a religon of war and henious acts, Its a religon of peace, and by the way, the word « Islam » means peace, so a religon with the name peace, how can it be an oppressing religon?
I hope I didn’t bothered u much, just wanted to give the right picture. Forgive me if any of my word disturbed u
Shah Zaib

2:05pm 5/25/13
Shah Zeb

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