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Extrait: The Silence is Over- Amen-Angleterre 1998 page 5


«As its victim, Solzhenitsyn gradually came to understand that the entire blame for the state-wide apparatus of terror and destruction could not be laid at the feet of one man, Stalin. It was only possible because that one man had the active co-operation of other government leaders, party officials and members, the secret police, military forces and prison services, the major social and cultural institutions and the ordinary Soviet citizens. All had become corrupted or had sunk into submission and all shared in the responsibility and guilt, including Solzhenitsyn himself, as he slowly came to realise. But what made the sheer scale of cruelty and destruction possible, was that all these willing collaborators found themselves justified in the actions they performed. They were not committing evil deeds, but rather were taking steps that they perceived to be good in terms of the reigning ideological construction».


Extrait aussi de mon livre. «Femmes, à vos chaudrons!»- Ma petite lutte contre le féminisme.   Gilbert Claes


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