‘Domestic Abuse Week’ lies

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Yesterday we exposed the lie put about by ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ that ‘1 in 4’ people are victims of domestic abuse.

Let’s look at a couple more big, nasty, man-hating fibs.

As we saw yesterday, under Labour, the Home Office twisted beyond recognition or plain invented a string of misandrist lies in order to falsely claim an ‘epidemic’ of ‘domestic violence’ in the UK.

The media largely swallowed it wholesale, and repeated the lies – which is what is happening in Devon and Cornwall this week as old media reproduce press releases for ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ and carry out carefully pre-selected interviews with beaten women.

Emotive and shocking, this drive to convince us ‘1 in 4′ people suffer ‘domestic abuse’ is based on false statistics.

It’s cynically geared to bully us into accepting lies without question.

The examples of victims that are wheeled out for the media are never placed in a proper statistical context – that is, it’s never said how rare they are.

Like all propaganda, the drive relies heavily on upsetting pictures of individual womens injuries, and is designed to make us feel terrible for them.

Decent, honest people are badgered into blindly extending sympathy to ‘domestic violence’ campaigners, because of extreme cases of murder, or horrific mutilation.

But behind this aggressive PR, police, councils, and authority in general is ruthlessly repeating ‘factoids’ – wrong statistics – to convince us of lies.

That’s dangerous, anti-social, and harmful to communities, because it spreads the false idea that lots and lots of men are abusive.

And the ‘domestic abuse’ campaigners are at the same time laying the groundwork for rotten legislation that allows the indiscriminate, targeted arrest, and persecution, of men, on account of their gender.

The old media will not tell you that the facts they publish in news articles are reproduced unquestioned from official press releases from the police.

But they are, and we can prove it.

For example: in 2007 BBC Radio 4’s Ten O’Clock news broadcast the following bulletin:

“Domestic Violence affects 1 in 4 women. Indeed for women between 15 and 44 it’s the biggest cause of mortality.”

In the same year, Kent police wrote on their website that: “Domestic Violence is the leading cause of death for women aged between 19 and 44.”

And the Guardian wrote: “Globally, violence against women is the leading cause of death for 15 to 44 year olds.”

Now – we already know the 1 in 4 statistic is not true.

And it turns out the amazing claim – presented to you, the public, as fact, by the old media – that domestic violence kills most 15 to 44 year old women isn’t true either.

Like so many other twisted facts and wrongful vague assertions in the domestic violence business, it was simply invented by the authors of the 2005 report.

This was exposed in a little-heard Radio 4 programme about statistics that same year.

‘More or Less’ challenged the Ten O’Clock news figure – and found it was a misquote from the infamous report.

The document in fact stated domestic violence was the biggest cause of morbidity – not mortality – so ill health, rather than death – in women aged 15 to 44.

But it turns out even that was a lie.

Domestic violence is not the leading cause of death in women aged 15, or 19, to 44 – or indeed of any age – and neither is it the leading cause of ill health.

The top three global reasons for ill health in younger women are depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

And the top three global causes of death are HIV, followed by tuberculosis and then suicide. (World Health Organisation, 2007)

Domestic violence doesn’t make it into the top five.

That is – not unless you’re a feminist who’s been paid £3million to produce a report for a Fabian Government.

Today we can expose how the 2005 researchers made this statistical fiction an apparent reality.

1. They found a 1993 report by the World Bank which said ‘domestic violence and rape’ was the sixth highest cause of ill health in women across the globe aged 15 to 44.
2. They copied it into their report on the UK in 2005 – but
– Dropped all mention of ‘rape’
– Ignored the fact that it was a global, not a national statistic
And last and most strikingly of all – promoted it from sixth to first place – on a whim.

When the Home Office were challenged about this, their excuse was that the lie they had told was ‘for illustrative purposes’.


Nope. We don’t see that that’s any excuse for lying either.

Here’s some more: it’s astonishing how many of the statistics the old media broadcast are just made brazenly up, and how many simply impossible.


Why do we get fed this nonsense as propaganda? Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

These bogus statistics prop up an industry: a massive, inter-linked, publicly funded business that centres around two big, unaccountable, secret British bureaucracies.

These are ‘Social Services’ – know to campaigners as the ‘SS’ – and this country’s reviled ‘family’ court’ system.

Whenever there is an allegation of ‘domestic abuse’, a big expensive state machine starts up and thousands of official jobs are justified.

This approach is described innocuously as ‘multi-agency’.

What it means is that social workers, council officials, nurses, doctors, and coppers are all involved in propagating, or subjected to, the same socio-political agenda.

Normally the ‘multi-agency’ thing is too boring for the press and public, and the officials are just left to get on with it or ignored.

But when you start looking into individual cases it’s genuinely sinister.

Take the case of Melanie Garvey.

Melanie, who’s from Falmouth, unfortunately got the state involved in her family.

She was promptly unfairly accused by a doctor of having ‘learning difficulties’, after which council SS snatched her child.

The Garvey’s full story is HERE . It makes terrifying reading.

The ‘multi-agency’ approach bears on that case because the trouble all started simply because Melanie made an off-the-cuff remark to a Sure Start nursery worker.

That worker had gone to one of the council’s induction meetings about child protection and grassed Melanie up to social services.

In the end Melanie’s child was forcibly taken from her, and put up for ‘forced adoption’.

Melanie hadn’t done anything wrong. But the nurse, after her course on child protection, had been told to go to her superiors if she even suspected something was awry.

And that is exactly the message – and the danger – of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’.

The first police press release – ‘Domestic Abuse – Would You Recognise the Signs?’, sets the anti-social, paranoid tone with council official Rachel Martin saying: “We sincerely hope that this year’s campaign will give people the confidence to call for help.

“Even if they just have a niggling suspicion that something isn’t right.” .

In the style of the domestic abuse industry, the release then outlines some vague and broad criteria so we can all suspect each other.

Crimes like ‘jealous behaviour’ and ‘psychological abuse’ make the reader comfortable with suspecting pretty much anybody they know who’s not single.

Then on top of it all DCI Steve Parker proclaims confidently: “There is a link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse.”

This is a brazen attempt to get poisonous politics into the local papers and on the TV by prostituting fluffy animals for the cause.

But ask yourself – can what this policeman says – that ‘There is a link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse’ – really be true?

Really? Is there proper research? Because would it not be possible for a bully to still keep a dog in good shape?

In which case – who do we suspect – owners of well-kept dogs? Or neglected ones?

Or perhaps the answer they want to hear at the council and police HQ is ‘both’?

And that’s the whole wretched game. ‘Spread mistrust and paranoia among the public, then they’ll turn to us – the officials – for everything. We’ll have all the power, and all the lovely Government funding.’

In fact DCI Parker is repeating baseless propaganda he’s been told, contrived to make us all madly suspicious of each other.

And by the time your average idiot has cooed over a refuge pet on a TV screen or in a newspaper article, they’ve bypassed consecutive thought and convinced themselves of the terrible plague of wife-beaters out there.

So – no joke – next time your cat looks at you funny in front of a dolt – hold tight for the unannounced visit from the council lady wanting to take the baby back.

The other propaganda releases are just as bad, and some worse.

In ‘Taking back control’ we hear from Sara Williams, whose mortgage depends on the ‘Domestic Violence’ industry.

Sara is an ‘Independent Domestic Violence Advisor from a ‘Domestic Violence and Abuse Service’, her wage fully taxpayer funded.

Unsurprising then perhaps, that she wants us to report in to her not if we suspect ‘domestic violence’ – but if we suspect it might happen in the future.

She tells us: “Abusers will often try to separate the victim from friends and family.

“They may be very jealous. This can take forms such as controlling the clothes their partner wears or the people their partner is allowed to see.”

Sara then says this sort of behaviour – (presumably including your wife telling you you’re not going out with the lads and not to wear that hideous jumper) – “can be seen in the early stages of an abusive relationship”.

And not to worry if actually it turns out that the nagging, vain, moaning other half isn’t beating your mate up, phone in anyway because “even if the abuse does not escalate it can be deeply traumatic and severely affect the person.”

Next up is ‘Cyber-stalking’ – or looking at your ex’s Facebook profile.

This is a serious crime in the world of the ‘domestic abuse’ industry.

It’s also cynically put together to appeal to the old media who, while fighting a losing battle with Facebook, are forced to namecheck the network to appear ‘with it’.

An anonymous victim tells ‘KOR Communications’ – the expensive PR agency working for the cops and council – she was stalked by her ex.

She claims: “He would go to terrifying lengths to find me. He was able to add information that was untrue.”

Then we hear that her ‘ex’ left nine years ago – begging the unasked, and unanswered question: ‘Do you have any children by your ex, when did he last see them, and if we are to accept your claim and sympathise with your case, cherry-picked in total isolation from any quantifiable context; will you promise us that it was you, and not his children, who – almost a decade after you split up – he wished to ‘find’?’

Follow-up questions based in reality on a postcard please.

Today, celebrated feminists like Erin Pizzey accept and seek to tackle the social epidemic in Britain of the ‘domestic abuse’ of men and children by ‘muppet mothers’, who abuse ‘domestic violence’ laws to in turn emotionally abuse chilldren by depriving them of their right to fathers, and to a family life.

But none of that’s happened in the official world of ‘domestic abuse’ – and as you can see in this article, this week’s disinformation in the tired, dated, out of touch, lazy old media is more full of holes than a big, stinky, feminist Swiss cheese.

Perhaps if the factoids and lies only consisted of good old-fashioned 1970s man-hate, they wouldn’t be quite so dangerous.

But they don’t. The basest of the media drives this week focuses on ‘re-educating’ nurses and doctors to suspect mothers with newborns.

This affects not just men and children, but mothers.

Babies and children can’t answer back, so can be spirited away by the kind of authorities involved in the ‘domestic abuse’ drive into care homes, using the secret, unnaccountable, undemocratic ‘family’ courts.

This is because the system of protection a baby enters if the state gets involved works around an old Communist trick to bypass justice.

Soviet justice was not democratic. Instead, tribunals declared whether or not a defendant had acted ‘in the interests of the people’.

Today, in the UK, the reviled ‘family’ courts use the same scam.

They sit in secret, the lame, cowardly old media accept a ban publicising anything that goes on in them, no matter how wrong – and their guiding principle is not based on evidence, proof, or reason – but the idea that officials can be trusted to act, in secret, ‘in the interest of the child’.

Of course – like the Soviet tyrants – the officials, many of whom are stupid, gullible, or suffer from personality disorders, just make whatever decision suits them, shifting the responsibility for it onto someone too small to answer back – the ‘child’.

See tomorrow’s interview to find out what children really think of this revolting deceit, and what they have to say about these supposedly kind and caring officials when they grow up.

During ‘Domestic Abuse Week’: ‘More than 60 healthcare professionals will be involved in practical workshops to help identify and advise pregnant women and new mothers who may be experiencing domestic abuse.”

A press release claims: “ It is estimated, between four and nine women in every 100 are abused during pregnancy or just after the birth.”

Note the words: ‘ It is estimated’. By who? On what grounds? Ours not to reason why. So let’s put that statement in context.

It is estimated this article will be recommended 1,567 times and be read from start to finish by all its readers.

That estimation was based on nothing. It was a guess. Just like the estimate about ‘four and nine women in every 100’.

The release goes on: “And one midwife in five knows that at least one of her expectant mothers is a victim.”

They just can’t stop their inappropriate Colgate/Whiskas nine out of ten cats outdated slogans can they?

One midwife in five..’at least one of her expectant mothers’….what – the mothers she meets in one day? During her life? How many then?

And how does she know? Because she was told? How does she know what she was told was true? Or are feminists – as usual – imagining and assuming mens guilt?

Look back at the statistics exposed in this and our first article and take our word for it – they’re making this whole thing up on the fly.

Det Sgt Chloe Webber – still imagining ‘the abuser’ (no gender – but presumably few of the victim women have been impregnated by other women) at large, says: “Pregnancy and just after birth is a particular dangerous time.

“The victim’s attention is often taken away from her partner and directed towards the baby.

“The abuser’s control and power is challenged and as a result abuse can either begin or escalate to ensure the victim remains under the abuser’s control.”

Then we get more of the same old dafty about how “abuse can be emotional, financial” and isn’t abuse at all.

Recognising any of these quotes from the BBC or local papers? If so, it means they didn’t even do their own lame interviews with carefully pre-chosen, totally unrepresentative victims.

Just copied out the Government press release and told you it was true.

Which it’s not.

It’s a very, very nasty piece of human rights violation in preparation.

Listen to this bit: ADVA manager Rachel Martin said: “We are really pleased to be able to hold these training workshops to help educate healthcare professionals.

“The knowledge they gain can be used in hospital maternity units, health centres, GP surgeries and children’s centres .

So: Childrens Centres – your Nursery. GP surgeries – your Doctor. Your Hospital. Your local Health Centre. All basically, pretty much, spying on you.

Dozens of staff from these institutions are going to be shown propaganda plays by ‘Tender’ – (Tagline: Domestic Abuse: No Excuse!) – about how to spot if you’re being ‘abused’.

And this doesn’t just mean another official lever for a single mother to fast-track a partner out of the house – wrong as that is alone.

It can also end in horrific official abuse of women and children: Cases like this . And this. And this .

But let’s let Rachel Martin, Manager for ADVA (Against Domestic Abuse and Violence in Devon), have the last word.

True to form, one of the official press releases for ‘abuse week’ quotes this ‘Domestic Abuse Manager’ as insisting: “With one person in four suffering domestic abuse at some time in their lives….”

Quite. Well, we may just have covered that.

Will there be any truth told this ‘Domestic Abuse Week except on CCN?

Tomorrow: DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE – a child speaks out about official ‘domestic’ abuse

Have you seen a media outlet reproduce Government ‘domestic abuse’ propaganda without any journalistic rigour or balance?

Don’t get upset. Don’t do nothing. That will just make the problem worse. Let them know what the public feel.

Here’s how to complain.

Complain to the BBC (Radio Cornwall or Spotlight that information broadcast in Domestic Abuse week was wrong, or incitement to hatred.
Or phone them on 01752 229 201

Complain to ITV 01752 333333

Complain to Yesterdays Boring News 01752 765500

Complain to the Boring Guardian 01208 74528

Complain to the Snoringman Newspaper 01736 351146

Complain to the Deaf Briton 01872 271451

Complain to The Cornish Times 01579 342174

Complain to the The Cornish and Devon Post 01566 778220

Complain to the Atlantic FM 01872 55 34 00


to the Newquay Voice 01637 878298

Complain to the St Austell Voice 01726 67722

Complain to the St Ives Times 01736 795813

Complain to the The Packet 01326 213333

Get cracking. It only takes a second and you’ll feel better afterwards.


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