Boys need to be taught separately from the age of five

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Daily Mail

Boys need to be taught separately from girls from the age of five to prevent them being damaged by the education system, an expert claimed yesterday.

Dr Leonard Sax argues that boys are “turned off” by starting formal education too soon when they are expected to sit down and keep quiet in class.

And, because they develop at different rates to girls, they can be discouraged from learning while very young when sat alongside female classmates.

Dr Sax, a research psychologist in the U.S., claims this has led to an epidemic of unmotivated boys and under-achieving young men.

He said: “With boys you have to start right away. If you wait until secondary school, you have waited too long. From the age of five, there are clear advantages in all-boys’ education when teachers know how to take advantage of it.”

You can thank feminism for this. The meddling idiots who believe the differences between boys and girls is down to nurture and not nature. Boys acting like boys would then be called ‘testosterone poisoning‘ as the best way for children to act is like girls. (You see, women are superior to men in feminism). That’s one way to emasculate the next generation…

He believes girls also benefit from single-sex education because they can concentrate on subjects such as maths, which is traditionally seen as a “male” interest.

True, maybe because of the fact it is pure logic and cannot be distorted with emotions.

At present, single sex education is concentrated in the independent sector. Dr Sax wants more state primary and secondary schools to offer single sex classes.

He added: “Boys and girls’ brains develop along profoundly different timetables.

“It might be appropriate to ask five-year-old girls to sit still and be quiet in class, but for many five-year-old boys it’s not developmentally appropriate.

“The message they get at five is that doing well in school is something that girls do.”

It’s all about the females. They outnumber male teachers by up to 12 to 1, and they dominate the education system. Not because female teachers are better, but because the male teachers have left the increasingly feminised politically corrected schools. These female teachers aren’t cut out to teach boys, instead trying to force boys to act like girls and then punishing boys for not sitting still and listening to them waffle about feelings for an eternity. They also do not have the same strength of discipline (which children need) and boys do not relate to women in the same way. But women are best right, and if boys don’t like it, they’re bad!

Young boys become afraid of being seen as “swots”. However, in single sex classes they are more likely to see getting good grades as “cool”.

Dr Sax, the author of a new book, Boys Adrift, argues that boys are suffering a “toxic” mix of failing to be engaged by the curriculum, overuse of video games, lack of competitive sport at school and over-prescription of attention disorder drugs.

He said: “The video game world is more real to them than the world of homework and grades.”

He suggested parents limit the amount of time boys spend playing these games to no more than 40 minutes on school days.

With families breaking down, for all sorts of reasons, almost all because of feminism, the media and government policy parents are finding less and less time to look after their children, so they give them to corporately created entertainment to look after. On top of that, they can’t let the kids play outside too late in case something happens to them.

When I mention feminism people often try to tell me to ’stop worrying about it, feminism is old news’ or some other misinformed rubbish, or when I quote feminists, other feminists will try to defend their ideology by saying that isn’t ‘their’ feminism.

I don’t give a fuck what your feminism is. I’m interested in the feminism that drives policy in government. That continual policy is a War on Men. Men have a right to voice their discontent. Women have no right to try and silence them. Unless of course they want the monopoly on being ‘victims’. The difference is, the law and the courts are biased in favour of women over men.

The law should be applied equally to all. But again, that would mean women being held responsible for their actions and you can’t have that in a Matriarchy.

My favourite teacher in school was a guy. He was a history teacher. I remember how he would jump about the class describing concepts in history, interact with us by making teams and encouraging lively debates. He would let us walk about the class, sit on tables with our textbooks under our arms, raise our voices and get out point across. We would go out into the park and re-enact battles and stuff. We would end the class with a healthy feeling of having applied ourselves to the subject.

With female teachers is was the opposite. Sit still in your seats, be quiet, listen to the teacher read from a book and occasionally write on the board for an hour. Fuck, I could do that at home! We would get bored and start pissing about, melting rubbers on the radiators and flicking rolled up paper at each other. No discipline from the female teachers, or the completely wrong type. Emotional screaming from the wrenches, storming out of the classroom and leaving us to get on with it.

Man, fuck that. I tend to see schools are a microcosm of society. You have your social groups, the serf timetable (9 to 3.30), the hierarchy in class etc. Remembering the classes with female teachers as an indicator of society without any men of influence, I can see now why the streets are littered with feral brats, stuffed full of junk food and other drugs.

It’s fucking pathetic. But it’s to be expected when you force men out of the picture.


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